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    Counting the number of sites in a multi-site business

    Abhi Agarwal

      I am preparing a multi-site business database. In each year some new sites open and a few sites close. But I am not able to get the correct count of sites in each year.


      I thought of creating a calculated count of number of sites for each financial year separately but that would not serve the purpose.


      In the actual version there are 3 tabs:



      Tab 1. Financial data: The P&L Lines have the full P&L and all different accounts such as Sales, costs are in different rows

      Tab 2: P&L Mapping

      Tab 3: Site database. This has 1 site on each row and has description of each site e.g. location, segment etc.


      Desired result


      Ideal result



      I have included the excel file and tableu example. If someone can help me I will really appreciate it.