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    Govind Ramchetty

      Hi Friends

      I have 1 report.

      Year sum(val)


      When I click (Year),It should go another window to display for drill down reports.

      How we can achieve this. Can you help.

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          Chris Dickson

          You acheive this using an action filter.


          Filter Actions

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            Govind Ramchetty

            MY requirement is


            When I click my report, it should open another separate window for my 2nd report.


            Now I am using Tableau Desktop tool.


            Note: I know Dashboard into Dashboard action...



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              Chris Dickson

              Desktop cannot open another desktop instance, you can use URL actions online to achieve this (also URL action in desktop if you want to open a web browser with another published report in it).

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                Govind Ramchetty

                Thanks a lot. I understood. Once I published my report into server then is it possible to open drill report into separate window.?

                In that window also should have Back button.Is it possible.Now I am using desktop tool only.



                Govind R

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                  Chris Dickson

                  I would be careful about how complicated you make your dashboard hopping once published, you can have a back button, but this would only work where there is a single route in, if for example you have both dashboards a and b linking to dashboard c the back button in c wouldn't know if it needed to go back to a or b.


                  But again using URL actions you can go back to the original dashboard (although not sure why you would need to as it would still be open as standard behaviour would open a new tab with the url action).


                  In desktop none of these options are really available to you as they rely on web technology rather than tableau technology.

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