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    Creating a calculated field to bring back measures only from unique Dimensions?

    Harry Dean

      Hi Tableau community, new user here


      Have searched the forums but cant find anything that relates to my question.


      I have a data set at material level, which shows which delivery the material was sent on, and also I have a handling unit reference number (PA ref) too


      On each material line I have the handling unit amount (number of packages)


      What I want to understand is how many packages each was sent to each customer, and to do this I need to look and the handlin unit ref level but cannot obviosuly sum them together as many deliveries can be within the same handling unit, so therefore I am summing duplicate quantities


      I beleive I need something that reconises the handling unit amount on every unique occourance of my PA reference


      How is the best way to go about this?


      Sample data is attached