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    Transferring Filters of a Dashboard to all following Dashboards

    Manuel Gruber

      Hello all,


      I want to build a story with several dashboards.

      The selections / filters I use / select on Dashboard 1 should be applied to every following Dashboard (2, 3, etc.).


      Filter Action to Navigate based on multiple selections to underlying patient data

      I found this topic, which helped a lot already.


      The three problems I still have are:

      1. If I set an action Dashboard 1 -> Dashboard 2 (filters should be applied from D1 to D2), this works fine.

            But if I now do the same Dashboard 2 -> Dashboard 3, the outcome of Dashboard 3 is "only" filtered by Dashboard 2 and not D1&D2.

            When I set two actions D1-> D2 & D1 -> D3 Tableau directly jumps to D3 after selecting on D1.


          2. I would like to have the possibility to select multiple options at each Dashboard. At the moment it only takes one selection (in my case 1 country) and jumps to the next Dashboard


          3. If I place my Dashboard in a Story the action filters don´t work anymore.


      I hope someone can help me with this problem.

      Find an example NB attached.


      Thanks a lot!