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    Inner Join tabs within same workbook

    David Moore

      Hello team!

      Got another one for you......


      Question: is it possible to perform an 'Inner Join' using two worksheets within the same workbook, connected to a single data source?


      Background: I have a large data source where I segment and filter on customer data differently. One worksheet will select customers who have equipment type 'A'. And then I have to do another customer profile of those who have equipment type 'B'. It's very likely that a percentage of these two customer profiles would have both equipment types 'A' AND 'B'. I need to find out what the over lap is, customers that have both.


      Current method: Right now, I'm exporting the results of each customer profile to an excel spreadsheet, each profile on a different tab. Then I connect to the new spreadsheet and do an inner join between the two tabs.


      Issue: It works..........but the exporting can take a LONG time.


      Gotta' be a better way......don't you think?


      Thank you for your support!



      Dave M.