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    unable to create a specific color palette

    Sharon Hickox

      Hi all


      I have read and tried varying suggestions in fourms but am still unable to create a specific color palette...


      We are changing company logo and colour and need to add this to workbooks etc...


      I have edited the Preferences.tps (even re typed all code) and still no go.. the palette will not show as an option


      I have all my relevant Tableau files in a specific folder on my drive... so would have thought that the palette is available.....


      As a relevant newby i guess i am missing something...


      my drive structure is:


           G:Folder\Folder\Tableau\My Tableau Repository\


      All my workbooks are under My Tableau Repository\Workbooks


      ..and my data file are under Tableau\ 'relevant file'


      This is my .tps


      <?xml version='1.0'?>

      <color-palette name="Meca Palette" type="regular">



      Any ideas much appreciated...


      kind regards