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    Filter selection in dashaboard

    Nandhakumar Ramanathan



      I have inserted three images below. How will achieve the below scenario?


      1.      In the first image we have different Question if i select one question the second chart (line chart) should consolidate all the count and show it in the chart. For e.g., if i select the "Area Calculation" value in question column i should get the sum of all question in the line chart for the past 4 QTR's.
      2. If i use the chart as filter (Use as Filter option) i am getting the result as like image 3. But i want the result like image 4 without the quick filter at the side. I want to select the filter value only in the table chart not in the quick filter.


      Image 1 :


      Image 2 :



      Image 3 :


      Image 4: