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    Can you have a bar graph for only certain rows, but not others?

    J M

      I have two rows that show percentages, and two rows that show the totals used for those percentages.  I would like the bar graph to only appear on the percentage rows, and have the totals all the way to the left with no bars.  Is this possible?  If not, is there better way to show the percentage in a visual, and add the totals?


      The issue is the bar graph can really skew what's actually happening.  For example, let say I have a 21 of 150 tall students taking basketball, and 2 of 7 short students taking basketball.  The bar graph would show a much higher percentage of the short group taking basketball, which is accurate, I just wanted to show the actual numbers of students somehow so the viewer has all of the information without the data appearing skewed.


      2016-07-21 07_53_47-.png


      Thank you.