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    Communication between Tableau Worksheets rolled up on different variables

    Mohit Gujral

      I have 4 difference worksheets in my tableau work book:

      1)Some test dependent on first digits of amount billed to customer. Some of the digits will be aberrant. Example from 1 to 9, lets say 5 & 6 are aberrant.

      2)Some test dependent on first two digits of amount billed to customer.Some of the digits will be aberrant. Example from 10 to 99, lets say 15 & 61 and 90 are aberrant.

      3)Some test dependent on first three digits of amount billed to customer.

      4)Comparison of total records vs records involving certain specific digits marked as aberrant in the first three sheets.

      In the fourth sheet I want to pull al the records which only belong to aberrant digits. The problem is the first three digits are rolled up at digit level while the fourth sheet is rolled up at the customer level.

      In the end I need something like this:

      Customer 1  Total number of Transactions Total number of transactions involving Aberrant digits  Percentage of abeerant digits in total transactions.

      Right now I have successfully creates the first three sheets and each sheet some of the digits are marked aberrant.

      I am using this Aberrant variable as a filter in fourth sheet. But I am not getting any values here . PLease suggest how can I proceed on this.