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    Highlight Table - First Column (Month) to ignore color (Set to Black)

    Rahul Patel

      Hello All,


      I have done my due diligence to try and find anything relatable to this, but have been unsuccessful on it.


      My issue: I have a Highlight table for last 3 months and values accordingly. I have a Color Table Calculation for difference from previous running Across. This works like a charm, with a 2 step color (Red and Green) reversed and centered at 0, This shows me when the next month would be higher or lower. Due to this, my first month, (May, as I am currently showing May, June and July) is getting colored Red.


      I prefer to have it either normal or Green, as due to it being the first month being displayed (Filter is set to last 3 months).


      Data is coming from a SQL Stored Procedure.


      I think this is very simple, however, if need be, I can certainly attach a sample workbook.


      Thanks again for your help.