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    Time dimension YYYYMMDD, type DATS 8

    Thomas Fabian

      Hi experts


      We are using an SAP BW BEx query as dataprovider.

      Below you can see two screens of my first workbook with Tableau.


      1. In the dimension tab you see this ordering grouping, for example all date fields (yellow marked) don't have the same dimension type as in the demo of the "superstore" scenario.

           Can anyone explain why and how to get the correct dimension type?

           I am using SAP BW content date infoobjects 0CALDAY for the order date (here "Bestelldatum").


           If you add order date into the columns normally Tableau Aggregates to the year YYYY.

           But not in my case.


           Any ideas?


      TAbleau 2.PNG

      2.   Measure SALES: In that screen you see the original workbook of the demo. In my case I don't have These context fields "Dimension, Attribute, Measure (SUM)".

      Any ideas why?      

      TAbleau 1.PNG