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    fixed color legend on the top left side corner of a chart




      I have 4 charts in a tableau dashboard and if i display all the legends for all the 4 charts on the bottom it looks busy so I want to include the legends on the top left corner of all the charts.


      To achieve this. I make legend as a floating object and placed them left corner of the chart. Myy floating objects move around the dashboard  when end users view my  dashboard on a device with different screen resolution or with different size of a dashboard.


      Please let me know  how to fix the legend  on the chart regardless of change in the size of the dashboard.


      Thanks In Advance.

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          Steve Taylor

          Hello Naveen


          Floating dashboard items aren't fixed and will move around as users view your report with different screen resolutions. You have two options:

          1. fix the size of your dashboard to the lowest resolution screen it'll be viewed on (i.e. don't let it automatically resize)

          Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 08.24.11.png

          2. Don't have the legends set to float, maybe try and rearrange how they appear (single row etc.) so they use up less space:


          Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 08.26.07.png


          Hope that helps