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    How do I turn off transparency of a Parameter entry field for an iPad?

    Larry Benlien

      I created a dark blue header for my dashboard.  Then as part of the header, I floated a parameter over the top of it.  The parameter is my user data entry field for the dashboard.  For Internet Explorer and Chome on Windows Laptop, this works great.  However when I display the dashboard on an iPad using Safari or Tableau Mobile, the input field of the parameter becomes transparent instead of opaque and its contents become unreadable.  I need it opaque.  I also would not mind being able to change the color and font size of the text inside the parameter input field, but that is of secondary concern.  How do I change or turn off the transparency for the parameter field?


      Laptop using Windows IE and Chrome (wanted result):

      iPad using Safari and Tableau Mobile (unwanted result):