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    Trouble answering: "How much of the population does my store network cover?"

    Simon Kuestenmacher

      Hi everyone,


      I am pretty new to Tableau, am using the software in my second language and might not use the right terminology to describe my problem. Sorry about that...


      I use a very granular set of boundaries (SA1s) which splits the state of Victoria (Australia) into 13,339 points (centroids) or polygons. For each SA1 I have target population numbers.


      I want to do two things:


      1. Analyse the population coverage of the current store network (around 30 stores which I have LAT LONG data for and could assign to a specific SA1). I want to say something like “the existing 30 stores cover 60 percent of the population within a radius of 10km” (ideally the value for distance can be altered by the user of the dashboard in a filter).
      2. Forgetting about the existing store network I want to figure out what an ideal network might look like. How do I the best 30 spots to cover as much of the population as possible? I am not sure how to do that. Especially since I don’t know the exact number of stores I can assign to the network. I could create a network manually (cherry pick areas that I think are good store locations) and test it against the existing network.


      It would be great if you could either point me to previous discussions of the topic or provide me with a fresh answer.

      Thank you so much for helping me out on this one as I am pretty stuck...



      Simon K