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    In which polygons are my lat/long data positioned?

    Simon Kuestenmacher

      Newbie alert! I tried looking for the answer in the forum but didn't come across anything. It's probably a language thing as I am not sure about the English terminology here.


      I have two data sets

      1) Many store locations by LAT LONG

      2) Thousands of custom boundaries as polygons (with unique identifiers) which Tableau displays nicely

      What is the easiest way to figure out in which polygon each store is located?

      I would like to export this into a spreadsheet to give to a non-Tableau user.


      Thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated!

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          Thomas Exter

          Hi Simon,


          Take a look at this new work by Richard Leeke for your circles -- Richard Leeke's New Version of (Concentric) Circles Unfortunately (perhaps) you will need software like MapInfo to be able to capture (by centroid) or retrieve and aggregate the population numbers across the SA1's under each circle. I'm less familiar with the open source GIS packages out there that may have that functionality but perhaps someone on this forum can suggest one. Of course, optimizing your service centre network is an even more challenging spatial analysis problem. Maybe Mr. Leeke and his colleagues over in NZ can provide that service for a fee. If not, call the Pitney Bowes office in Melbourne for some direction.


          Best of luck,