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    Calculated Field/Data Blending

    Claudia Marsella



      I am trying to blend two data sources. My two data sources have every dimension in common but different measures, I want to blend the measures using the dimensions in common.


      In the packaged workbook attached, I have the first tab, "Total PPC", which successfully blends the two data sources and this is what I use to QA the rest. I need to get more granular (By Vendor) and segment these by "Account", but when I pull that dimension into the field and click the link (turning it on), the data I need disappears and/or if I don't click it, I get the same number across all segments, meaning the data is not blending correctly/not recognizing the "Account" dimension in the secondary data source.


      To fix this, I attempted to create a calculated field in the secondary data source so that it would match the primary data source. I.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo Gemini. But my calculated field seems to be broken because while I tell it to look for anything with "google" or "Google" and name it "Google" (uppercase), or anything with "bing" or "Bing" and call it "Bing" (uppercase), it keeps it "google" and "bing" (lowercase) while only successfully creating the "Yahoo Gemini" segment. I can't seem to understand why this happening and I am pretty certain that this is the reason why the data is not getting divided properly. I am pretty sure this is the reason because you'll see that "Yahoo Gemini" does get populated with data while google and bing do not.


      My main question is why my calculated field is not doing what I tell it to do?


      My second question is if there is another reason why my data is not blending the way I need it to?


      Thank you!

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          I'll take a closer look but for your first problem (lowercase "bing") is fixed by tweaking calculation:

          IF CONTAINS([Account],"google") THEN "Google"
          ELSEIF CONTAINS([Account], "bing") THEN "Bing"
          ELSEIF CONTAINS([Account], "yahoo") OR CONTAINS([Account],"Gemini") THEN "Yahoo Gemini"
          ELSE STR([Account])


          Two things here:

          1. Your [Account] column is case-insensitive which means that "gOOgle" is equal "GooglE" so you don't need those extra ORs
          2. For the reason I'd rather not explain here - you need to use STR([Account]) in your ELSE clause


          Could you please try this out and let me know hoe many of your issues will be taken care of?