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    Need help with Server Node/Sizing for PDF reports

    AJ AJ

      Need some assistance in understanding to do my sizing for the Tableau. I have around 6000 reports that i would need to generate. When i say 6000 reports it will be a huge impact on the tableau server. The version i am using is 9.3 64 bit


      6000 reports with 10 sub-accounts with 1 MB of size  = 68 GB of total size. The 6000 reports are just for a single customer and will have reports as high as 100000 reports on a monthly basis.


      I am planning to go with 2 different approach


      1. tabcmd to generate the pdf

      2. batch script in share point which will gather the link from tableau and generate a png at the share point.


      Please suggest me how to do my sizing when i have this requirement. I know i have to increase the Nodes but dont know how many do i need, and should not impact my interactive reports. The batch will be run during of peak hours.

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          John Kuo

          I don't think sending out 6000 - 10000 reports during peak hours is practical. We have a dedicated 8 core backgrounder box and we see delays of HOURS with reports in the hundreds.


          Just curious, what kind of data source are these reports connected to? MS SQL? Oracle?

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            AJ AJ

            Yes we are using Oracle Database.


            But i did some digging my self to figure how many cores do i need for 6000 reports, Curious to know how we can calculate the number of cores based on reports.


            I was calculating it as "each report" = "each user" since when a request is hit to generate a report at the backgrounder, it is similar to a single user.


            Please correct me if my assumption is right or wrong.


            So what I did was

            Tableau proposed solution : 100 concurrent users - 1 (8 cores) -.5 sec

            In my case - 6000 users = 600 concurrent users -  6 (8 Cores) - .5 Sec


            As per my requirement we need it in 5 Sec i.e. 6/10 =.6 which is close to 1 (8 Core), This assumption is only for backgrounder , and additionally i need another 8 core for VizQL.


            Please do current me if any of my assumptions are close by. Still i am not sure if this is the way to go when calculating the sizing for reports.





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              AJ AJ

              Hi John,


              I am doing the entire process in off-peak hours.