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    Data Analyst-Tableau@Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute

    Sara Oliver

      We are seeking an experienced and highly-organized Data Analyst who can perform both independently and as part of a team in managing and coordinating business intelligence efforts, particularly in Tableau, across several program offices. Additionally, the Analyst may also conduct research and analysis related to other program areas with which the department interacts. Specifically, the Analyst will assume the following roles and corresponding responsibilities:

      Tableau Developer

      *Working with end users to gather requirements, overlaying an analytics perspective

      *Creating sustainable and efficient visualizations, emphasizing usability and good design practices.

      *Testing and monitoring the underlying data, assuring quality and optimizing the data view that dashboards use.

      *Understanding the techniques used in visual reporting.


      Tableau Advocate & Expert

      *Assisting management in incorporating Tableau into broad business intelligence and reporting strategies.

      *Overseeing Tableau projects, including writing and managing task orders for external contracts.

      *Promoting the use and capacity of Tableau across program areas and within the organization, including holding educational sessions, trainings and fielding questions.

      *Training new users of Tableau and improving the skill of current Tableau users, including both content creators and report consumers.

      *Helping Analysts troubleshoot Tableau issues, working with Tableau tech support when needed.


      Tableau Administrator

      *Liaising with the internal (IT) and external (sales rep, other county users) Tableau community.

      *Troubleshooting server technical issues as they arise.

      *Working with IT and database teams to ensure security.

      *Overseeing the quality assurance process and ensuring some standardization/uniformity around all published dashboards.

      *Managing Desktop licenses and user access to the server.


      Data Curator

      *Developing an understanding of department’s services and systems in order to facilitate internal data practices and promote the effective use of data for decision-making.

      *Providing guidance on the optimal data structure and system requirements to ensure that the data stored and retrieved from the system meets the research and operational needs of the department.


      Bachelor’s degree in a related field, from an accredited college/university, plus 2 years of previous experience working with human services programs. The candidate must have a demonstrated interest in public service and research, strong analytic and critical thinking skills and at least 1-year Tableau and Tableau Server experience, including certification. Prior experience in graphic design and relational databases such as SQL is preferred. Additionally, excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to clearly communicate with diverse audiences, as well as the ability to interact professionally with staff consumers and the general public are important to the success of the position.