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    Need help in lookup data

    Vijay Kumar

      I have a data which has the Person ID and Approver Name as below



      My Ticket data is showing the Approvers for each data and it also has the Approver ID in a column but having multiple approver ID in the same column as shown below


      From the above data the Column B is the Approver ID. We could say Tableau that Approver (Coulmn B) and Person ID (Column A in the 1st screenshot are same) an we could bring in the Result for Approver. But in the above screenshot the 2nd row for Request# 101 is having 2 approvers with a comma. I dont know now how to bring the translation or the lookup.


      How can I bring in the expected result for approvers as shown in the 2nd screenshot with this currentl data / scenario


      I have attached sample sreadsheets for your review friends.

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