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    Tableau Server - How remove the trial licence?

    Douglas Cavalcante

      Hi Friends, I have a problem.

      I started a server with trial licence, after, I added a permanent key.

      The new server is in total use now.

      The problem is, trial license allow only 5 viewer and 5 interactor and will expire in some days. But in ambiance, i have 10 interactor on permanent licence. I need remove the trial license now and cannot wait the expiration.


      I followed a procedure using the "serveractutil", but, when i execute "serveractutil -view,", show only the permanent licence.



      Trust Flags: FULLY TRUSTED

      Fulfillment Type: PUBLISHER ACTIVATION

      Status: ENABLED

      Fulfillment ID: FID__xxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx__xxxx

      Entitlement ID: TSxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

      Product ID: NAME=Tableau Server;VERSION=4.0

      Suite ID: NONE

      Expiration date: permanent

      Concurrent: 0

      Concurrent overdraft:0

      Hybrid: 1

      Hybrid overdraft: 0

      Activatable: 0

      Activatable overdraft: 0

      Repairs: 0

      Feature line(s):

      INCREMENT TableauServerCapacity tableau 2014.1118 permanent 1 \


      VIEWER=;FulfillmentID=FID__xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;ActivationID=TSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;OEMNAME=;GUEST=;GBRAND=;CORES=;SINGLE_MACHINE= \

              ISSUER="Tableau Software" ISSUED=20-jul-2016 START=26-nov-2013 \

              TS_OK SIGN=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      INCREMENT TableauServer tableau 2014.1118 permanent 1 \




      D=default;MAP_CAP=;OFFLINE= \

              ISSUER="Tableau Software" ISSUED=20-jul-2016 START=26-nov-2013 \

              TS_OK SIGN="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"



      How i can remove the trial license now?



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          Jeff Strauss

          a few weeks ago when I was shuffling around server deployments, I had to temporarily deploy a trial license.  And after I was done with the shuffling and applied the permanent license, the trial remained.  I had the same question as you, but then it appears that once the trial expired, it just disappeared and the permanent took over.

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            Douglas Cavalcante

            Thanks for answer!


            Unffortunately, the trial licence allow only 5 Interactor users, I need 10.


            I cannot wait.

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              Toby Erkson

              If you cannot wait then you need to contact your sales representative.  If they cannot help then contact Tableau Support through your Tableau customer portal.

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                Nathan Panuco

                Hi Douglas:


                To clarify, you already have a purchased 10-seat license and there is an active 5-seat trial license already? Are you receiving an error or message when trying to activate the new key? It is not unusual to have multiple licenses in the Manage Product Keys application. Every time a new capacity key is added to the environment, it will show up in that dialog box.


                Check out this solution for upgrading from Trail to Licensed: Upgrading from Trial to Licensed Version of Tableau Server | Tableau Software


                If that doesn't get you to where you need to be, I would suggest opening a case with Tableau Technical Support before attempting to manually delete fulfillment from trusted storage: http://www.tableau.com/support/request


                Hope this helps!

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                  Andy Boyd

                  I had the same problem, running a 10 seat trial license and then adding permanent keys that should have allowed for 15 seats.  The 10 seat trial license prevented the full 15 seats from being available for use.  I could not wait for the trial license to expire, so I submitted a case to Tableau support to resolve it, which they were able to do.  The steps are below.


                  The issue seems to be that Tableau Server is not seeing all of the available licenses that have been activated on the machine. Generally this occurs when a new interactor key is added/activated, but Tableau Server is not restarted after adding the new key. A restart is always necessary after adding a new interactor key.


                  To resolve this issue, please follow the below steps:


                  1. Sign in to the computer running Tableau Server with an account that has full administrative rights.


                  1. On the computer running Tableau Server, open the Command Prompt window as an administrator (Right click and run as administrator), and execute one of the following commands:


                  + On a 32-bit computer: cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\[version]\bin"

                  + On a 64-bit computer: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\[version]\bin"


                  1. At the command prompt, run the following commands in order:


                                  a. tabadmin stop

                                  b. lmreread

                                  c. tabadmin start


                  Unable to Allocate New Licenses


                  This worked to resolve the problem for me.  After stopping the services, rereading the license keys, and restarting the services my full 15 seat count was available for use.

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