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    How do you Lclick Marks/Size's across multiple sheets?

    Tyler Garrett

      Tableau Desktop Version 9.2


      Use case:

      Joe-   Tyler, can you change the size of/on? the marks_card?

      Tyler- Sure, One, okay Two seconds.


      Changing.the.size.of.many.marks. Very common task during executive/kpi reporting, multi sources, or just complexities that won't allow more of these "marks" on the same vizzy (or marks card, if you use the 1.0 "many marks" trick especially).

      Having to do this across 4 marks cards, 4 times, is tricky for me to do on tableau desktop easily


      Didn't find it in idea forum.


      apic.pngWhen ever I resize the layout, which I often do over the extent of the workbook or dimensions/measures have longer titles.., it means I have to go down this path.

      -- extent of workbook it's nice to be able to position filters/marks shelves & legends,etc.. so that sending screen shots for quick feedback, it's cleaned up, showing all relevant filters and coloring!


      My usual workflow consists of:

      Removing the side bar removes 1 variable of catching the perfect pixel.

      1. ALT+N+A --- great macro to hide/show your side bar. Good for quick adhoc meetings where you don't have any time to dashboard. And need the flexibility of more screen real estate. (screen shot below)


      <btw, i notice this comes in handy when presenting on older projecters, great one to remember. mucho flashy. would be nice to see this as a button on the main interface.>

      step1-- remove side bar

      2. Then position the marks card, against the left side, of the application window. (drag and drop)

      3. Squeeze it down, in case you've resized any of the marks cards, even barely by accident, you will not get the perfect pixel 2 times.

      This is challenging without coffee


      Looks like this.


      That concludes the first part, times how ever many visualizations you may have. Which I like to do in an assembly line style (helps me save time), do all of the visualizations 1st, then go and do the next set of steps.

      1. Pick up nearest plastic card or business card around me.

      2. Apply it to the screen.

      3. Click.

      4. Rinse repeat.

      I tried the idea forum, wasn't able to find anything about it, did I miss it? Is there a method or blog post that could help w/ this workflow? Doing it on the fly adhoc in a meeting of executives will require a custom solution, right? autohotkey win, and a solution to support through product updates


      Is there any available work around or idea forum to +1? If this doesn't get traction, I'll toss it into the ideas forum later in the week.


      Transparency is easy comparatively.

      1. double click

      2. type numbers

      And paste each out.


      The clicks and time really stack up if there are multiple requests to change the size, or the dashboard changes sizes - that would require a re-work on everything.


      It seems a function to "carry over" formatting, would be great, for marks.       





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          Hi Tyler Garrett,


          That is a very thorough explanation, thanks for doing that!

          I appreciate and like the contribution.


          I haven't see your idea in the Ideas category yet.

          Do you still want to post it there?

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            Gerardo Varela

            Hi Tyler,

                 Are you opposed to going down the not supported path? If not read on.


            All that information lives in the xml and you can get pixel perfect without using a ruler by copying pasting certain attributes of the xml.  I suggest starting with a very simple non production workbook to explore the xml. Make a couple of copies of the sheet in question.  Crack open the xml in your favorite text editor and look for the attribute below.


            <format attr='size' value='random numbers here' />


            If you haven't made any changes to marks card those values are the same throughout the workbook.  A quick CTRL-F find all replace all with would be the quickest way.


            <format attr='size' value='new random number here' />


            Of course, this is not supported.





            PS. I'm not responsible if you break your workbook nor is Tableau Tech Support.

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              Tyler Garrett

              This request was for something pre-generated, similar to scripts I share here to help the community. Like, something with a GUI? Leaning that way because if there isn't any traction on it, placing my drivers license on my screen to do it quickly will beat this socially in a meeting, at least then I can joke about myself while I'm doing it, VS opening code and watching a nerd vail cast over the room. And from a consulting perspective, there is no way I'm going to show something complicated when Tableau was sold to them as something easy and user friendly, which it truly is. That's a fast track to getting on the wrong page w/ business users.


              So, just not considering mentioning this around customers as "this is it" -- when everyone can see it's on other parts of the product.


              Also, the last thing any executive/c-level meeting needs, is an explanation of opening it in XML and changing it, NOPE.


              "Tyler what are you doing there?"

              "hold on my script isn't workin"


              Even if I automate it w/ python or w/e.. It's still a burden of carrying around a python script - that only changes size of marks... over many workbooks, that 1 script now generates a new workflow of support for the customers and I. And hopefully no major release breaks the entire script, which is usually the case. Especially if you're talking about pixel scraping or screen positioning to make my machine build Tableau dashboards and visualizations. Version 10, for example, has broken every single one of these custom scripts. "related datasource joins" does give a big break in sql dev & explanation of why MANY TO MANY does join into 1 source --- don't need to have that talk anymore. Unless it's slower than the sql workaround, which makes this pointless to bring up because I've not had a chance to demo it compartively to previous workarounds.




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                Tyler Garrett

                Marking as correct for the sake of people seeking the most definitive answer. Thanks Gerardo.

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                  Tyler Garrett

                  Question for you: Was there anything even related to this in the ideas forum?