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    Multiple Line graphs on same sheet with 2 measures and a dimension?


      Hi Guys,


      I am struggling to make a line graph to display my data in line graphs.  I have 3 "methods" of experimentation. Each method can either use a combination of 2-6 "tools".  I want to find out which method and number combination of tools gives the best result (highest accuracy and %). I would like to have a line per method to see the trend for each method.  The data looks something like this...





      Method 11234
      Method 21234
      Method 31234



      As you can see I have 3 methods that i want to compare accuracy to %?  I've already tried organising the data in excel so sheet 1 contains al the accuracy data, sheet 2 contains %, and tried using a sheet per method and linking in tableau but neither seem to allow me to do what i want?  Any help super appreciated!