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    WDC incremental refresh - get passed data?

    Martin Seifert

      Hi all!


      I ran into an issue today: My WDC is incrementally refreshing data, getting data for the last 4 days and using a date field for the incremental refresh.


      Last week I was on vacation and the connection failed (when such issues appear naturally...). So the connector didn't refresh the data for a couple of days. After about 7 days it started running again (connection was re-established) and refreshed the last 4 days successfully. Now, since it didn't run for a couple of days there is a gap of data of 2 days, since then it is running smoothly again.


      After I returned now I would like to populate thos missing two days. But setting the data fields in my WDC to those two days doesn't import the data into Tableau since an incremental refresh on dates will only import more recent data than already stored in the TDE (see Incremental Refresh ).


      Is there a way to incrementally populate data from a WDC which is older than the most recent data? (Other than a full refresh of all data of course)


      Kind regards