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    Action on Dashboard isn't working

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I have created 4 sheets - 2 for category X and 2 for category Y.

      I have created a sheet selector, so that I can switch on my dashboard between the views of category X and category Y.


      Now I would like to apply following action:


      1. I select a sheet ( here either category X or Category Y)

      2. If sheet is selected I would like to click on Category to display on a second worksheet a more detailed view.

      For example:

      If I have selected sheet for Category X, I would like to click on a category on that sheet and see a second sheet with more details for that selected category

      If I select sheet for Category Y, it should show me a detailed view for the selected category.

      If nothing is selected, nothing should be shown.


      Please see picture, it might be more clear



      I have tried to to implement a dashboard action, but I have failed.


      Inc ase of comments or questions please let me know

      For any hints I am really thankful.


      Best regards