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    How to get this from and to filter

    Jessy Cool

      Hi Experts,

      I am using sample super store for mock up data.

      I am seeing sales of 2011 and 2012 and also seeing difference of both the years.


      Its working fine till this point.


      But what i need  adding to thhis is..

      a filter which is of date for 2011 and other filter for 2012


      Example : with this filters i can select say in 2011 feb to sep and in 2012 sep to december.


      and difference of sales will be shown for these months only .


      I have n idea how to get this done..please help me in writing logic fo this

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          Łukasz Majewski

          It is imo rather peculiar way of analyzing measures by years. Anyway you could apply such a filter:

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            Ashish Chaudhari

            Hi Jessy,


            Thanks for attaching workbook with inbuilt parameters. That has saved lot of time. Please find the attached workbook and screenshot and confirm the output.


            I have just made few changes to your calculated fields as below. Please update them. You will start getting output for the selected inputs.


            2011 sales

            if  YEAR([Order Date])=YEAR([From ( 2011) ])

            and MONTH([Order Date])>=MONTH([From ( 2011) ])

            and MONTH([Order Date])<=MONTH([To ( 2011 )])

            then ([Sales]) END

            2012 sales

            if  YEAR([Order Date])=YEAR([From (2012)])

            and MONTH([Order Date])>=MONTH([From (2012)])

            and MONTH([Order Date])<=MONTH([To (2012)])

            then ([Sales]) END

            Diff bet 2011 and 2012 (No changes made to this calculation)

            sum([2011 sales])-Sum([2012 sales ])


            (I think you should be doing Sum([2012 sales ])-sum([2011 sales]) but its all your call, since it is always Current - Previous. )


            Thanks and Regards,

            Ashish Chaudhari

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