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    HELP- calculated field hide/unhide measure

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      Thank you so much for taking a looks at my question.

      Here's what I have: I created a calculated field that measures the utilization percentage of orders that went through our new order system called "EASy".


      This calculated field is called "new 3-month util- Current Month". To calculate the usage percentage for the current month, I hid a the values where EASy? = "No". The "new 3-month util- Current Month" calculated field gives me the correct usage percentages, however, when I add my next calculated field "IS ROW in range ?- Current Month (1)", I need both to calculate the number of records for both EASy = "YES" and "NO". Since I hid "No", I only get the records where EASy = "YES"


      Since I'm a notice Tableau user, I assume I need to adjust the way I calculate the "new 3-month util- Current Month"  percentage.


      All help is much appreciated!