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    Adding zips and street addresses

    Abhinandan Patil

      This is a followup question to Help needed: Adding a location(filled) and a sublocation(dots) to a map.


      My data has changed and it looks something like this:


      Territory NameTerritory ZipTerr LatitudeTerr LongitudeUser Street AddressUser City, StateUser ZIPUser Latitude(LAT)User Longitude(LONG)
      A010011.2345-20.9867ABCSpringfield, MA010011.2345-20.9867
      A010041.2345-20.9867DEFSpringfield, MA010041.2345-20.9867
      B207521.2350-20.9872DEFCollege Park, MD207521.2350-20.9872
      B207531.2351-20.9873ABCCollege Park, MD207531.2351-20.9873
      C530751.2350-20.9872ABCMilwaukee, WI530751.2350-20.9872
      C530761.2351-20.9873DEFMilwaukee, WI530761.2351-20.9873
      C530791.2356-20.9878DEFMilwaukee, WI530791.2356-20.9878



      I want to fill out all the territories as a filled map and then show the user street addresses as dots on them. I know that grouping zips is only possible in tableau 10, so I am okay with all the zips being same color. There are lesser number of territories, so I will create a separate dashboard for each territory.


      Currently, using a dual axis map, I am getting this. But this is not showing all the zip codes. As I am using the User Street address Lat and Long, the Zips which do not have any users in them are not getting marked(filled).


      Is there any way with which I could map all the zips?