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    VizAlerts was unable to process this alert

    Harsha Tatikonda

      As mentioned, a new discussion for this. Any thoughts on this?



      2016-07-19 15:00:13 - [INFO] - send_email - sending email: mail.domain.com


      VizAlerts was unable to process view Advanced Alerts Demo,None

      2016-07-19 15:00:13 - [DEBUG] - send_email - email body: VizAlerts was unable to

      process this alert, because it was unable to send email to address harsha.tatik

      onda@xxx.com: Address has invalid domain<br><br><b>Details:</b><br><br><b>View

      URL:</b> <a href="http://tabserv/views/VizAlertsDemo/AdvancedAlertsDemo"


      er:</b> <a href="mailto:harsha.tatikonda@xxxx.com">harsha.tatikonda</a><br><b>Vi

      ew Owner:</b> <a href="mailto:harsha.tatikonda@xxx.com">harsha.tatikonda</a><br

      ><b>Site Id:</b> Default<br><b>Project:</b> default

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          Matt Coles

          In vizalerts.yaml , you must whitelist all the email domains you want VizAlerts to send mail to. This is intended to prevent unauthorized sending of confidential data outside your organization:



          smtp.alloweddomains: [yourdomain,yourotherdomain]  # list of domains vizalerts can send email to. Must be enclosed in brackets.

             # Example: [mycompany.com] or [mycompany.com,gmail.com,yahoo.com]


          So if you are sending email to harsha.tatikonda@xxx.com, then you must whitelist xxx.com like so:


          smtp.alloweddomains: [xxx.com]


          If your company has more than one, you can add it to the list:


          smtp.alloweddomains: [xxx.com,xxx2.com]



          Note that this is a global setting, so any domain you whitelist will enable anyone who can publish a workbook to Server to push data to any of those domains as well.

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