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    Changing value of worksheet parameter is not reflected after a parameter was passed from a dashboard

    Vincent Sanchez

      Hi Everyone!


         I hope I get the technological jargon correct when dealing with Tableau, a bit of a disclaimer. I have a dashboard that has an action associated with it that when the user clicks on the embedded crosstab worksheet, the user will be redirected to another worksheet. When that action is executed, all the fields will be passed along from that dashboard to the parameters worksheet (e.g. the user can select a timeUnit, startTime and endTime from the dashboard that will be passed to be used in the worksheet.) The initial load is fine. The arguments are passed to the parameters and reflected in the worksheet:



      Figure A: The dashboard where when the user clicks on any element, gets redirected and passes the values of the parameters on the right to the worksheet.



      Figure B: Action to redirect the user from the dashboard to the worksheet.



      Figure C: The worksheet uses the values passed from the dashboard and the information is visualized correctly.


      This so far is working. Now, the user should be able to use the controls for time unit to select a different unit of time (e.g. Month, day, hour, minute). This is where I run into an error. If I selected a different unit, the graph doesn't come up at all.



      Figure D: The timeUnit was changed to "Hour" and the visualization has disappeared.


      My initial though, the Action(timeUnit) filter. When I checked the value of the filter I noticed that the filter is only keeping the values that were passed and that is it. When the parameter control is changed, those new values are not selected in this filter.



      Figure E: Action(timeUnit) filter.

      The remedy I thought would be was to select the "Use all" radio button value to include all values that the filter could be and it did work... That is until I go back to the dashboard, change the unit, go back to the worksheet and the Action(timeUnit) filter has reset.


      Expected Behavior: After the user is redirected to the dashboard, the user can select different timeUnits to slice the data accordingly. The initial values of the parameters (timeUnit, startTime, endTime) will be passed from the dashboard.


      I'm at a loss for why I'm experiencing this type of behavior. Is there a work around? is there something I missed? Please let me know if you need any more information. I appreciate your help!

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