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    Importing Custom Geocoding of Filled Map

    William Hampton

      I have 10 beta and Tableau has made a lot of improvements in being able to create custom geographies.


      My company is organized into multiple divisions and regions.  Each US zip code is tied to a specific region and each region is tied to a specific division.


      In beta, I can bring in my company's hierarchy and plot my filled maps appropriately.  However, it always requires its own data source which was over 40,000 lines from our SQL database.


      I want to be able to import these as custom geographies so that I can make our Division a Tableau geography where I do not have to use the separate data source coming from our SQL database.


      In essence, if I have a data source with 4 divisions (north, south, east, and west) and sales for each region, I want to be able to make the division from the data source the custom division geography and not have to blend the two together.


      I believe you can import custom geographies using the map importer for map points but not filled maps.


      Anyone have any suggestions?