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    Population stacked bar graph

    Nushrat Jahan

      I'm having a few difficulties creating a population stacked bar graph on Tableau.

      1. In my data source, I have included both Portland, OR and Portland, ME. When I create the graph, the two Portland's automatically merge together into one bar. The image below shows a faint line where Portland is; rolling the mouse above or below shows that it is two Portland's combined. Are there any ways to split these two columns up? The tooltip for both cities say whether or not the state is ME or OR so I do not want to add States to the graph.
      2. I have total population given as a whole number, but the racial compositions as percents of the total population. I would like to create a colored stacked bar graph where I can display the racial compositions of each city as a percent of the total population, but am having trouble doing so. When I try to add racial groups, it does not stack and looks like this:
        racial comp.PNG
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          John Sobczak

          You can create a combined field state + city and use that as your dimension and you will get it separated out into two bars.  You can put on columns shelf and uncheck show header so it will not show the dimension (not wanting to see the state in every city label) and still use the city dimension to the right of it on the columns shelf which will still have the level of detail defined by the combined field.

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