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    hrs used

    tableau gstl

      Hi All,


      I am facing the below issue


      For a week any user who has hours used greater than 40 and the status as WD we need to count them

      and in the same condition we need to check for user having status as HD and hours greater than 20


      Currently I was able to convert the hrsused field to mins



      (DATEPART('hour',[HRS USED]) * 3600 + DATEPART('minute',[HRS USED])*60)/60


      To know usage in a week for user with usage > than 40 hrs


      sum of user mins in a week greater

      if  sum([Mins]) > 2400 THEN

      1 else 0 END


      I am not able to add the condition status as it is giving agg and disagg error


      if [Status] = "WD" and sum([Mins]) >2400  or [Status] = "HD" and sum([Mins]) >1200

      then 1 else 0



      Also can i show only user name and the usage details in the view using LOD


      Thank in advance