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    Automate refresh all extracts for Tableau Public, not Tableau Server

    Marla Parker

      Is it possible to automate the equivalent of opening a twbx in Tableau Desktop, Data -> Refresh All Extracts... and push the resulting twbx to Tableau Public?


      I imagine this is possible with Tableau Server, but as the published report is free and public, in theory we should not have to buy Server?  (So says the person managing the budget.)


      We have a set of 9 csv files generated by running python scripts which pull data from one site, slices and dices it to be what we need for the required reports on another site. That is all easily automated. 


      The nine csv's are used in various tables and graphs on a half-dozen or so dashboards.  The data sources all list the Connection as Extract, not Live.  After running the python to update the csv files, I run Tableau Desktop, clicks Refresh All Extracts... and wait a bit, then publish to Tableau Public.  The second public website embeds the results.


      Is it possible to automate this without purchasing Tableau Server?  If so, how?


      Lastly - I'm on OS X, not Windows.  But if there is a Windows solution to this, we could find a box to use for that.