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    Looking for the help on Below Scenario

    Hari Gaddam

      Hi All,

      I attached some sample data in this discussion. which was need to represent in tableau.


      Basically there was 2 Tree maps,

      1. Product Name cut down by size of Number and Condition was in color.

      2. Item Name cut down by Number and condition was in color.


      Now the condition is when user selects Phone from Centre 1. He need to see the data from centre 2 with Phone Of Item Name by Condition details..

      User don't want to see Centre 1 Item Details.


      for example, when user selects House Hold from Centre 1 Box in tree Map then the User want to see Item Name Star, Reliance Boxes which was in  Centre 2.


      Is this possible to achieve through Tableau.


      Please let me know in case of any information Required.


      Thanks in advance.