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    Intersections: Eulero-Venn chart or Alternative?

    Fabio Fantoni

      Hi guys,


      It's been a while since the first time I've thought about an Eulero-Venn chart to visualize intersections.


      What I would like to show is to "visually measure" the amount of (let's say) records which have a value A, value B or both values for a specifc category.



      ID           TYPE

      1             A

      2             A

      3             A

      4             B

      5             A/B

      6             A/B

      7             A/B


      In a Eulero-Venn Chart there should be 2 circles:

      circle A (6 records)

      circle B (4 records)

      with an intersections of 3 records


      I've already tried to draw circles using poligons, but I can just draw circle A and B with sizes according to the number of records count (eg: A=6 and B=4)


      My real problem comes when I have to intersect them in order to draw a correct interesction size (eg: 3).


      I can't find a way to "place" those 2 circles in order to have an intersection size equal to 3.



      Do you guys think there's a way to visualize this chart or you think there's a more simple better way with another chart?


      Any help would be appreciated.