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    sort view based on dashboard Action filter selection




      I want to be able to sort the bar chart displayed in Dashboard 2 upon selection based on Action Filter on Dashboard 1.


      In the attached workbook, when i click on the cell that contains number 4 (project TT , Category Tomato) the Action filter takes me to Dashboard 2 in which i can see the details of this (Project , Category) combination.  This is done using Action Filter 1.


      On the other side of Dashboard 2, i want only to show bar chart depending on Category only.  This is done using Action Filter2.


      What i want to achieve is:   is there a way in which i can sort the bar chart to display the selected category first (in this case Tomato) and then showing other categories ?


      I don't want to sort Asc or Dsc based on category name, as i may have other categories and i ALWAYS want to see the selected Category first on the top.



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          Hey Ammar,


          I've tried having one sheet act as a filter on the other sheet, hoping that when I used the action filter, it would automatically filter on the other sheet as well. Unfortunately, it still takes a click to trigger the sheet to filter the other sheet. As such, I'd contact support. This is likely expected behavior but they can let you know for sure!



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            Joe Oppelt

            I was trying to string together a bunch of tricks to make something happen here.  I could only get it half way there.


            You can sort the TT sheet by some other field.  For instance every category could have some number assigned to it (1 through N, for example), but in a calc you could override the assigned number with a zero, and then sort Ascending by that calc.  The zero would force one category to the top, and all the rest would fall in line.


            The problem I can't overcome is how to pass one value from "Details" back to "TT" without it acting as an actual filter so that it just gives you the one category the user clicked.  That's the thing about filter actions.  If you actually pass something to the next sheet, it acts as a filter.


            So the next idea I could concoct would be to have a parameter that you display next to the Details sheet.  Let the user select from that.  Whichever Category he selects, that's the one that will bubble to the top of TT.  If that's good enough, you have it done.  Make the calc for sorting work off the parameter instead of the Details sheet.

            The drawback I see with this idea is that the Category list will probably change over time.  If so, we still don't have a dynamic parameter feature that will let you keep it up to date easily.  Before thinking that through too much, maybe your Category list is static, and if so, it's not the problem that I raised.

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              Yuriy Fal

              Hi Ammar,


              I could not find a way to do what you want.

              Sorting by the result of the filter seems not possible to me.


              The best one could do (imho) is to use Highlight Action on Category.

              So on a Dashboard 2 the Tomato bar would be highlighted upon action.




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                Jonathan Drummey

                There's a way you can do this but it requires data prep: Create a cross product on Category (so every Category has every Categorie's data). Let's say those fields are Category1 and Category2. Set up a Filter Action on Category1 and *display* Category2, with an extra calculated field that is used to define the sort that is something like IF [Category1] = [Category2] THEN 1000000000000 ELSE [Measure] END, with a descending sort this will work.


                When I've done this in the past I've pre-aggregated the source prior to the cross product.



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                  Patrick A Van Der Hyde

                  with the quality of the answers here, I am making this 'Assumed Answered"