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    How do I add Custom Geo-coding sources to Tableau?

    Sebastian Hopfensperger



      I have a large source of custom Geo-coded data, all with latitude and longitude (and some with Polygon data - for boundaries) which correspond with different types of Geographic areas, which i would like as an to choose from (in tableau desktop).


      Now i know that it is possible to add these sources as a custom Geo-coding source for tableau, but i just can not figure out how to do it.


      Can someone please explain what file structure/format i need my sources in, where to have them in the repository, and then how to import these into tableau to then be able to define my dimensions by different types of geographical areas.


      I have read many different article on doing this, but everything is so mixed and a lot don't seem to work... I have a feeling its the type of file format/structure that is my problem...