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    One View on Multiple Boolean values

    Dennis Schuett

      Hi All,


      this is my first post and hopefully I could explain what my idea or requirement is.


      Currently we are exporting several Tickets from our ITSM Tool within a access database.


      For specific kind of Tickets we are flagging values ( boolean within the database ) for impacted regions for example


      e.g. Europa, North America, Asia, South America as regions


      The flag could be set to true or to false and we have one flag per region


      For e.g. an Incident Impacting just Asia:



      North America: False






      2. Example is an Incident which is impacting Asia and Europe


      Asia: True

      Europe: True

      North America: False





      There are currently several dashboards in place sorting tickets by resonsible units, priority etc.


      Now I'Ve want to introduce a filter mechanism for the region.


      Because of there are 5 regions implemented I could not implement 5 single filters on a dashboard because I want to show for example all incidents impacting "Asia" if a user is set the filter to "Asia True" all other Region settings needs to be set too.


      What I want is a new single Drop Down / List selection possibility  for the Region with predefined values " Asia,North America etc. " . If I set "Asia" for example the existing charts/dashboards should be filtered additionally to all existing filters, for the region which was selected. In this case all tickets with "Region Asia = True" .


      Not sure how to realize it because of there are currently 5 database fields within the table .. one per region each of them boolean.


      Thanks for your help