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      Is there any way of showing only relative values when the "only relative values" option in an filter is not available? I'm inserting the following in my dashboard, but apparently I wan to display only the 2016 values.

      This is a filter from the secondary data source. The relationship between the two sources is very simple and blends two ID fields. However, while my primary source does not contain any information related to FYs before 2016, I'd like to show only the 2016 quarters in this filter. Unfortunately I can't share the workbook, but can share screenshots if need be.


      Thanks in advance




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          khalid norat

          2 possible solutions


          Use FY's as filters from Data source 1 which only has 2016 data


          Option 2 create a calculated field on the FY field currently being used as a filter to output only 2016 dates


          Hope this points you in the right direction

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            Hi Khalid,


            Thanks for the response. Yeah, I've tried the first one already, the FY year filter for FY16 is applied and Transact Qtr should normally show only fy16 quarters but it doesn't work. In terms of the second oslution you suggest, could you please help me with the calculatio? How woud you build that?

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              Stoyko Kostov

              Can you add a data source level filter on your secondary data source? Restrict Transact Qtr to FY16 and later. I would then expect your sheet-level filter to show only FY16 values.


              You can also try adding the sheet-level filter to context to see if it would help.

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                Thanks for your reply Stoyko. Not sure how I could that though.. Any ideas?


                Thank you


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                  Basically I create a set (on the secondary datasource) excluding the years the values I don't want to show, but cannot bring it in to the sheet

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                    Stoyko Kostov

                    Hi Harris - to add a filter at the data source level, click on "Data Source" (bottom left). Then on the top right you'll see Filters. Click "Add" and add a filter that restricts "Transact Qtr" to FY16 and later.


                    If you provide a sample packaged workbook, I can try to help further.

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                      Thanks a lot Stoyko. Ok here's the case. There is already a filter at the data source level called "Transact Year" which keeps only 2014, 2015 and 2016 and therefore the transact Qtr shows only the relevant quarters.


                      I tried to duplicate the "Transact Year" and filter it at the source level but then the initial "Transact Year" is filtered as well, losing the 2014, 2015. What I need is to keep the filter that keeps the 2014, 2015, 2016 years and create another one which will only keep 2016.


                      Unfortunately I cannot share the workbook

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                        Carl Slifer

                        Hi Harris,


                        Using the datasource filter as Stoyko suggested sounds like it should work. It doesn't sound like you need to use a filter from the blend. Make a duplicate in your primary datasource for the date field. Move this to the filter shelf and filter on Financial Year, just like before.


                        This time Right Click the filter and choose 'add to context', you are unable to add a filter from a secondary datasource to context (darn order of operations).

                        Now the filter that your user has control of thats visible in the view dashboard in the top right corner there is a drop down. Select that,

                        Choose 'all values in context'.


                        Should only show what you have available in the context filter (the stuff that was previously selected by the now grey pill on the filters shelf). If this doesn't work then you will need to prepare a mockup.. I know you can't show data from your organisation but folks are shooting at the hip trying to figure things out for ya at this point.


                        Best Regards,

                        Carl Slifer


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                          Thank you very much Carl, once again.


                          Oh okay, so that's might be the issue. The duplicate of the Trasact Year is on teh secondary data source, so I can't add it to context. So, primary data source is an excel spreadsheet and the secondary one is an oracle table. In the oracle table the transact year is filterede on source level to keep only 2014,2015 and 2016 data out of several other values (previous years). In this way and based on the blend of the IDs, I'm able to take the metrics for the respective years for particular IDs.


                          The thing is that this works fine for other dashboard tabs in the same Tableau workbook. However, what I was looking for is whether I'm able to filter the transact year at Null and 2016 only because I'm building new tabs in the same workbook that refer to metrcs from 2016 onwards. So I can't either amend the Transact Year filtering which works for the previous years  or duplicate the Transact Year and filter it to the new values I want.


                          Hope it makes sense