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    How to Bell/Gaussian Curve to Analyze Customer Support Agent Performance (CSAT)

    George Liang

      Been perusing around the community but could not find the exact help I needed with this.



      I work in the Customer Support Industry and have a set of data that has agent name, ticket id, and is_satisfied (yes, no). Currently, I have a calculated field that calculates the CSAT percentage, which is customer satisfaction percentage. I use these data points to create some trending information to help our campaign. What I really want to do is to create a bell curve view that allows me to see how an agent is performing vs his/her peers by different filters (location, issue type, etc). I found out, after hours of trying, that I cannot create a bin from AGG data which is what I use for CSAT % (sum of yes is_satisfied / sum of CSAT tickets).


      Does anyone know how I can create this view? It sounds like I can but I can't. Any help is appreciated!