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    Filter multiple data sources based on common dimensions

    Brojeshwar Ghosh

      Hi Everyone,


      We ran into a problem of filtering multiple data sources based on common dimensions.


      Our dashboard contains data from different data sources. Logically they are separate entities but can be analyzed across few common dimensions. So we created two different tables in Hadoop. And as we progress in our work, our assumption is, we will have to keep creating specialized tables just for tableau visualization.


      So there are two sheets (each per data source) showing data in the form of graphs.


      Since these two data sources are sourced from different sources, cannot consider one as master to generate a master list of filter values. Ideally we would like to union distinct values from both the data sources to create a master list of filter values.


      Requirement is to have one set of filters(master list of values), once selected will filter out multiple data sources. Please note, we want multi select and no single select option.


      We have explored options like Action filter(in other words filter sheet), Parameters (but that's single select). Also thought about creating master child data source (but that is applicable if you want to show metrics alone in a single graph using common dimension, not exactly fit when you want to represents a complete different view altogether)


      We thought of creating one gigantic table with all data in one place but I am not sure how it would perform as well as technical challenges we might have in future because of such table design.


      Worst case scenario, planning to separate this dashboard by data source in tabs and will have filters repeating on each tab. In that case would be awesome if we can pass the filter changes across tabs.


      Any help or information will be truly appreciated.