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    Combination chart types - Side by side bars with line charts

    Shikhar Gupta



      I am stuck at a point where I want to show 2 measures using side by side bars and their ratios as a line graph on the same worksheet over a period of time.

      My data worksheet has measures for the two bars and also ratio of the two measures.


      I was able to create this graph very easily on Excel but since I want to move away from excel I want to duplicate the same graphs (or a better one) onto tableau. Attached worksheet has HI VS Community activity over a period of time. What i want is to show Questions on HI and Questions on Community as side by side graphs (already created) and their ratio as line graph (stuck here).

      Attempt 1 - Adding ratio measure to the side by side bar added ratio as a third bar.

      Attempt 2 - Was able to display ratio as line graph over bar graphs but the ratio data points is not connected.


      Please see below graph that was created in excel.



      khalid norat

      Gerardo Varela