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    Action Filters Cancelling Each Other Out

    Jan Paulsen

      Hi all,


      I have a problem with two action filters: The first one is triggered with a mouse over, de-selecting the selection will show all values (please excuse the German – I don’t know how to change the workbook language to English):



      So when hovering over the first chart, the second one is filtered:



      As the mouse over already indicates: I want to give users the option to lock in the bar above which they are hovering. Thus I have created a second filter that is triggered by clicking on a bar:




      However, the second filter does not work. When you click for instance on bar m on chart 1 and you move the mouse then away from the first chart, chart 2 one is shown in its entirety (and not just bar m):




      That is of course because the first filter is set to “show all values”. So the first filter cancels out the second one. Is there any way to circumvent this?


      Kind regards,



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          John Sobczak

          Have you tried setting the second click action to leave the filter upon clearing the selection?  Of course this is very tricky in that the hover will almost always be triggered on ANY movement of the mouse thus negating the second click action.

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            Kenneth McBride



            I think the real issue has more to do with user experience than it does Tableau functionality. As John mentioned above, any movement when using a hover action is going to initiate something. Furthermore, as a best practice I would avoid trying to give your users this type of experience because instead of being helpful it ends up just creating a confusing user experience.


            I'd recommend getting rid of one of your actions (I try to avoid using hover actions in these situations) because right now it can't/won't work the way you want it to, creates a confusing user experience, and it fixes the problem and simplifies your UX.



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              Jan Paulsen

              Hi all,


              Many thanks for your input. I think the solution is the following: I just need to make a copy of the field that I am using in the action filters. The hover action passes on the original field. The click to filter action works with the copy.