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    Filtering on a grouped variable - impossible?

    Dimitri Shvorob

      In Tableau 9.2, I work with the "World Indicators" dataset, and notice that its Region field distinguishes "Middle East" as a region, alongside continents.


      I rename Region to Region Raw, and create field Region by merging Region Raw values "Middle East" and "Asia" into group "Asia".


      Wishing to produce a visualization for a specific region - and to play with Tableau parameters - I introduce parameter Selected Region.


      I then place Region on Filters shelf,  Edit Filter => Condition => By formula =>


      max([Region]) == [Selected Region]


      => Apply


      Oops: the visualization goes blank, no countries are shown. When I reopen the filter definition, I see


      max([Region Raw]) == [Selected Region]


      I fall back on creating a calculated field,  Region Calculated


      IF [Region Raw] = 'Middle East'

         THEN 'Asia'


         [Region Raw]



      A filter based on Region Calculated "works", i.e. I see anon-blank visualization.


      Do groups and filters - I figure the parameter is an innocent bystander here - really not get along in Tableau? If yes, can anyone point me to the relevant doc, or suggest the logic?