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    Can a user be deleted from the server if they are the owner of a published data source or workbook?

    Katherine Woods

      This may sound like a simple question but I didn't see it answered in the Server Admin Guide so I thought it best to ask before I moved forward with attempting a change and made a workbook or Data Source unusable by accident.


      We recently lost someone who was a server Admin and owner of many Data Sources and Workbook content. This is causing me to ask the question: When people move on, can you delete them as a user from Tableau Server if they are the owner of a published data source or workbook? If so, who becomes the owner? If not, are the options to:


      1) Make them unlicensed but still leave them as the owner of the content

      2) Manually change the owner of each published item before deleting them as a user on the server


           (Is there a way to do a group reassign here?) - I figured this one out. Go to the Server user section. Find the user name and click on it. It will show all workbooks owned by that person. Select all of them and do a group "change owner".      This does not show the Data Sources tho...


      And a related question, to be thorough: How does Synchronizing to the AD Group handle this if an Admin is removed from AD?




      Katherine Woods