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    All parameters are not affecting the chart

    M Dugane


      I have created four parameters those accept typed numerical values.Below is the model i used with R.

      I am facing the problem that when I entered value four parameters , not affecting on chart. Only one parameter is affecting on chart.

      [Retired], [PartTime], [FullTime], [UnEmployed]  these are my created parameters.

      If anyone has an idea about this ,please suggest me.


      mydata <- data.frame(cbind(TotalBudget=.arg1, FullTime=.arg2, PartTime=.arg3, Retired=.arg4, UnEmployed=.arg5));

      fit <- lm(TotalBudget[-9] ~ FullTime[-9]+PartTime[-9]+Retired[-9]+UnEmployed[-9], data=mydata); 

      mydata$TotalActual[9]<-predict(fit, list(FullTime=.arg9[1], PartTime=.arg8[1], Retired=.arg7[1], UnEmployed=.arg6[1]));


      SUM([Budgeted Amount]),

      SUM([Full Time]),

      SUM([Part Time]),


      SUM([Un Employed]),