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    Dynamic Scrollbar Formatting AND Dropdown Navigation Menu!

    Allen Isom

      Hey everyone!


      I've built a navigation menu in Tableau that functions like standard web navigation. I'm not certain these solutions exists yet but I felt the need to share incase anyone was interested. Forgive the crummy dashboards but I just threw this together super quick!


      The first thing you see is the menu icon in the upper right corner. Hover over to get a list of links and click to go to that page.


      Second was an issue I was having with the scrollbar misaligning elements on my dashboards. I like to avoid views that have too many values or are in this structure but I'm not the boss so I had to find a way to make it work.


      It's a sheet that counts the number of rows for a give value and populates a value if there is more than X or turns NULL if there is less. Then it's filtered based on that.


      Each of these solutions is fairly simple. Feel free to poke around.


      Added some screenshots. It functions just like a web menu.