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    How can we pull data from Tableau sheet and display them in a table in our webpage in Tableau 8.2.7 ?

    Roshan Shrestha

      I know they have new function called getData() added in Tableau 10 JavaScript API which pulls data from Tableau server, but I am using Tableau 8.2.7. How can we do similar job in Tableau 8.2. Is it even possible to do that in Tableau 8.2.     An example to make it more clear:- Suppose I have to generate list of states in my webpage. Suppose the users want to see sales according to the state. As of now, I wrote HTML code to generate lists of states manually, but I am looking for a way in which I could dynamically create those list so that I don't have to hard code each and every states. Is there a way I could pull data from tableau server, and store it in some array or suitable data structure in JavaScript, and access that data structure from my HTML file ? Or if there is another better solution for this scenario then I am open for that too. Thanks in advance !