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    Desktop and Published Content Shapes Not Matching or Switching

    Jason Miller

      I am experiencing an odd issue and unsure if its a bug or related to work flow process.




      Desktop Tableau 9.3.3, Windows 10, 64-bit  (with local data extract as data source)

      Tableau Server 9.3.0





      • Update specific worksheet shapes on a dashboard with several worksheets (using filled arrows) and save my file locally in desktop
      • Publish dashboard to server



      • See below screen shot showing where shapes within the local desktop and what gets published do not match on preview and on server version of dashboard.
        • I had to blank out a lot of sensitive data.
      • In some instances, shapes change when adding text label or additional worksheet to the dashboard, not changing worksheet with the shapes.





      Resolution Attempts:

      • Removing workbook from server and publishing again
      • Publishing to a different folder on server
      • Refreshing data extract
      • Refreshing browser and server



      Only fix I could come up with is totally exit Tableau, re-open workbook and then it seems to not experience the above. This is somewhat of a pain and if you're not paying close attention, not realize your content on desktop wont match what you just shared on server. Seems it could be a cache related issue, but tough to tell for sure.





      Anyone experience the same and know if v10 has a fix for this?