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    Unable to Move Data Source with Project Lead Role

    Larry Newdorf

      Hi Everyone,


        I am configuring user permissions for Tableau Server (v9.3) for the first time.  I have two folders:  "Development" and "Production" and created two Team Roles:  "Team All" and "Team Admin".  All created users default to the "Publisher" role and are put into "Team All" group.  Everyone in this group has the ability to publish to the "Production" folder but only have view access to the "Production" folder.  Rights are set to allow.  I do not have any roles set to deny for the groups.  The permissions for workbooks and data sources in each folder are "Locked to the project".


        The admin users are also put in the "Team Admin" group and given "Project Leader" rights for both folders.


        The plan is everything would first be published in the development folder and then moved over to the production folder by only the users in the "Team Admin" group.


        In testing, "Team Admin" users have been able to move workbooks without issue but the same users are unable to move data sources.  The error message they receive is "you do not have permission to move this data source".  Sometimes the Move option is greyed out to them.


        I found the only way around this is to set the default role of these users to "Site Administrators."


        I was hoping to not elevate the role to "Site Administrators" for these users.  Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.